Friday, February 11, 2011

Femme by Rochas (1943)

Dark and Indolic Femme reflects the austere and well
tailored elegance of wartime fashion of the early
1940's of boxed shoulders and wasp waists mannish
and yet feminine rochas must have been a milestone
during it's release in 1943 a scent that is'nt frivilous nor girlish it was simple and yet sophistocated a perfume that conjours the rationed
mentality of wartime,

Femme demands but doe'snt
scream like Cinnabar,Spellbound,Opium,Ciara,or Obsession it slowly draws you in like a spider waits for it's pray or a cat that slowly stalks to get
his prize, The opening starts off sweet with the note of Peach then dries of a deep and juicy scent of plum. Cinnamon brings the heat and the fire of Femme with delectable nuances Bright slices of Bergamot
and lemon turns this fragrance to a zesty drydown,
As this scent dries to the heart of Rochas it turns
woodsy and grounded begining with Rosemary and powdery Red cartnation Iris seems to have a subtle
effect usually giving a cool crisp scent but there is no edvidence of that, The note of Jasmine with it's nocturnal Elegance to the senses Greenish and semi-sweet cloves finishes the middle.

The Base note drydown is my favorite a sexy mix of
Leather Civet and a tinge of Tobacco, Picturing
Marlene Dietrich in a skin tight black leather
low cut gown in a moving train in the first class
compartment seducing all the powerful men with
smoke blowing from her glossy red lips from a cigarette from her black Leather Gloves.

Femme is Fire beneth an icy exterior

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