Friday, September 2, 2011

Hiris Hermes

Hiris is a introverted elegance a well-poised muse 
never reveals herself within words nor action just
her scent of Iris, Hiris opens with it's homage the
Iris a flower a symbol of refinedness and modesty 
a scent of cool orris earth adds to the sharp coldness
of the fragrance, the coriander subtle enough not to 
cloy over the iris but noticeable in it's spicy drydown
diluted amber dries the top note, delicate and elusive
note of Rose opens the middle note softens the sharpness
of the Iris with it's velvet texture a demure beauty
Neroli turns the fragrance a bit citrusy and grounded.
The drydown consists of unsweeted honey makes an organic
and woodsy finish to this almost of a masterpiece of a 
scent next dry cedar conjours a feeling of a forest
after the midnight rain fresh and finishes with almond 
tree an nutty accord.

Hiris is a class of it's own not Loud gaudy kitschy
it doesn't take bright colorful sequins dolly heads
fake rhinestones on bottle it's a simple dark blue
bottle less is more. 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robert Piguet Bandit

Bandit is a woman who loves to take control of the opposite sex with one scent Leather! not fooled around with
leather not synthtic uncut muskiness that makes it's appeal for ages.
So what makes Bandit special? of course
we have the main ingredient leather what makes it diffent then other leather scents is the supporting florals that makes it a bit of an Feminine touch with the powdery feel of violets dries to a underpining of Spicy texture of Carnation and jasmine with it's secretive aura is a mysterious
personality that rarely exsist in today's perfumery and veltet feel of

I also admire is that green notes that consists of artemesia not listed are a bit of grass and the freshness of Aldehydes adds to the sharp and clean scent that is unique to Bandit.

The Drydown is a dark rasianish drydown of myyrah adds to the esoteric feel the warm amber with it's sweet raisenish scent blends to make it a bit sweetish
with patches of musk makes it a bit masculine The Amimalistic properties
of Civet makes it primal and untamed.

And with the mossy finish of oakmoss
and the elusive undertone of Patchouli ends with an earthy finish.

What does Bandit conjours up to me
is an Pale and Slender woman with Black
hair with Black Leather Gloves and Leopard langerie with a Leopard amimal
printed backround Ala 1950's Pinup
or in a role of the female Dominatrix boss in the corprate workforce around the meeting on a long table full of men controling every rule they do.

This is not a Girlie Girl scent not for a woman who does not want make waves or shy quiet passive personality this is
an scent that demands repect and your

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens;

Rich full and sexy, Ambre Sultan might be the most
accuate Amber in perfumery nothing synthitic nor
chemically enhanced Serge Lutens uses the finest
oils to bring back to nature to it's simpicity,
Aesthetic wise i can conjour in a number of ways
to describe this and let my imagination run wild.
If the color of Amber had a scent no doubt Amber
Sultan whould fail, like it's namesake it's warm
and opaque not translusent or delicate, to lure
you to an ancient world where the sky touches the
earth the note of Sandalwood adds the firey nuances, Myrrah and incense burns throughout the night
with it's pure white smoke ascends the endless sky like an offering of the night and the cool wind blows through sand dunes and refreshes your senses
This scent brings to Ancient in all of us.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guerlain,Terracotta Voile d'Ete

Terracotta recreates the arid beauty of pure red sand
sunbaked under a turqouise sky spicy texture of cinnamon adds to the dry earth Red carnation blooms
in the vastness of a barren dessert the warm dry air
blows across the horrizon reveals a scent of powdery sweet nuances iris turns terracotta sharp with a cold
metallic tinge it conjours a image of ancient pottery found in dark caves of the Southwest colorful Markings of a long forgotten tribute to some Maiden, Creator or earth goddess from a mysterious Civilization Nocturnal Jasmine grows out of tiny
creavasse of rock blooms an intoxicating green menthol scent, Rose opens the heart with an velvety
texture Warm Red Roses that hangs like vines of adobe
houses basking in the sunset Airy and powdery smell
of Vanilla steeps though the senses sweet and delectable, diluted white lily subtle and yet i noticed Her scent of sweet spiciness trying to come
though but it's drowned out by the more domineering
notes of Cinnamon Vanilla and Iris, Green mint brings freshness to Terracotta briefly relaxing but it doe'snt last long it flees quickly off my skin
sometimes i don't agree with the note cards some scents i can detect some scents is like finding a needle in a haystack and pear is one of them,

Terracotta maybe the first Fragrance to recreate the scent of nature without any synthtic artiface when it comes to Perfumery it does'nt use any plastic synthictics it smells like they choose the finest
ingrients to recreate the essence of Terracotta
Guerlain makes the Best of the Best.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Femme by Rochas (1943)

Dark and Indolic Femme reflects the austere and well
tailored elegance of wartime fashion of the early
1940's of boxed shoulders and wasp waists mannish
and yet feminine rochas must have been a milestone
during it's release in 1943 a scent that is'nt frivilous nor girlish it was simple and yet sophistocated a perfume that conjours the rationed
mentality of wartime,

Femme demands but doe'snt
scream like Cinnabar,Spellbound,Opium,Ciara,or Obsession it slowly draws you in like a spider waits for it's pray or a cat that slowly stalks to get
his prize, The opening starts off sweet with the note of Peach then dries of a deep and juicy scent of plum. Cinnamon brings the heat and the fire of Femme with delectable nuances Bright slices of Bergamot
and lemon turns this fragrance to a zesty drydown,
As this scent dries to the heart of Rochas it turns
woodsy and grounded begining with Rosemary and powdery Red cartnation Iris seems to have a subtle
effect usually giving a cool crisp scent but there is no edvidence of that, The note of Jasmine with it's nocturnal Elegance to the senses Greenish and semi-sweet cloves finishes the middle.

The Base note drydown is my favorite a sexy mix of
Leather Civet and a tinge of Tobacco, Picturing
Marlene Dietrich in a skin tight black leather
low cut gown in a moving train in the first class
compartment seducing all the powerful men with
smoke blowing from her glossy red lips from a cigarette from her black Leather Gloves.

Femme is Fire beneth an icy exterior

Friday, January 21, 2011

Field Notes From Paris

 Field Notes from Paris evokes an inner wistfulness 
of late spring in May opens with zesty orange blossom
and crisp lemon slice steeps in the evening air, in a 
minute it dries to a sweet scent of violet a symbol
of lost love and nostalgia and grass green and lush
from the gentile spring rain dries Elegantly in acute
melancholy. Coriander with it's spicy nuance opens the
middle note with grounded underpinning 
Patchouli is diluted and 
elusive which i can't detect either ceder
those two note are a hidden mystery, 
the Finishing drydown is sweet with 
Vanilla then dries with an resinous 
 then ends with a soft and
milky texture or Heliotrope.

Like a Parisian Girl looking for her American G.I 
lover during the Liberation of Paris of WWII and 
finally Reunited under the Champs Élysées bridge
Field Notes brings the yearning of two lovers 
together with just one spray Old love regenerates 
into new.            

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent,

Sexy but in a innocent girlish dolly-like naivete called
Baby doll a scent gives an impression in two ways I'm not a Child and yet not a Woman like Bravado or a Woman child- sexually a Woman plays a vulnerable and yet an
a woman with full of dreams and a bit head in the clouds
kind of Romantic view of the world ala the roles Marilyn
Monroe was famous for, a complete contrary to the Pragmatic Pierre Balmain's Jolie Madame, Tough as Nails
Robert Piguet's Bandit, and the Fiery and Tempestuous
Sister Opium. Oranges open with an crisp and citusy
brightens your senses then dries with tart and juicy
pineapple then in a few minutes the scent dries deeper
with black currents adds a sexual undercurrent then
sour green apple dries the opening.

Light and delicate freesia with it's airy sweetness
blown across the summer sky then heliotrope a warm
vanilla like scent comes steeping though has a bit of a cloyish quality Demure pink roses gives it a Velvety
elegance. The drydown is simple with the usual Sandalwood dryness and the typical Powdery finishing
of Vanilla.

Baby Doll conjours Innocence like the cutest dollies
with big and soulful eyes with long eyelashes circling
your room in a protective spender white Persian kittens purring sleeping beside each of your bed in a
comfortable slumber then a gentile breeze of spring
blowing though a thinly diaphanous curtain,

Baby Doll capture the Essence of Childhood in all of us.