Friday, January 21, 2011

Field Notes From Paris

 Field Notes from Paris evokes an inner wistfulness 
of late spring in May opens with zesty orange blossom
and crisp lemon slice steeps in the evening air, in a 
minute it dries to a sweet scent of violet a symbol
of lost love and nostalgia and grass green and lush
from the gentile spring rain dries Elegantly in acute
melancholy. Coriander with it's spicy nuance opens the
middle note with grounded underpinning 
Patchouli is diluted and 
elusive which i can't detect either ceder
those two note are a hidden mystery, 
the Finishing drydown is sweet with 
Vanilla then dries with an resinous 
 then ends with a soft and
milky texture or Heliotrope.

Like a Parisian Girl looking for her American G.I 
lover during the Liberation of Paris of WWII and 
finally Reunited under the Champs Élysées bridge
Field Notes brings the yearning of two lovers 
together with just one spray Old love regenerates 
into new.            

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