Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guerlain,Terracotta Voile d'Ete

Terracotta recreates the arid beauty of pure red sand
sunbaked under a turqouise sky spicy texture of cinnamon adds to the dry earth Red carnation blooms
in the vastness of a barren dessert the warm dry air
blows across the horrizon reveals a scent of powdery sweet nuances iris turns terracotta sharp with a cold
metallic tinge it conjours a image of ancient pottery found in dark caves of the Southwest colorful Markings of a long forgotten tribute to some Maiden, Creator or earth goddess from a mysterious Civilization Nocturnal Jasmine grows out of tiny
creavasse of rock blooms an intoxicating green menthol scent, Rose opens the heart with an velvety
texture Warm Red Roses that hangs like vines of adobe
houses basking in the sunset Airy and powdery smell
of Vanilla steeps though the senses sweet and delectable, diluted white lily subtle and yet i noticed Her scent of sweet spiciness trying to come
though but it's drowned out by the more domineering
notes of Cinnamon Vanilla and Iris, Green mint brings freshness to Terracotta briefly relaxing but it doe'snt last long it flees quickly off my skin
sometimes i don't agree with the note cards some scents i can detect some scents is like finding a needle in a haystack and pear is one of them,

Terracotta maybe the first Fragrance to recreate the scent of nature without any synthtic artiface when it comes to Perfumery it does'nt use any plastic synthictics it smells like they choose the finest
ingrients to recreate the essence of Terracotta
Guerlain makes the Best of the Best.


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