Saturday, December 11, 2010

Truth by Calvin Klein

At top note Lemon then in a few minutes
Cloves Mimiose a distant wisp of Vetiver
Bamboo and the lovely florals of Peony 
and Lily comes to the picture. there is a presence of Sandalwood not overpowering but strong enogh to be noticed. but i don't smell any Blackberries. 

Picturing your on a boat
slowly drifting thogh a Bamboo forrest
your lying on the boat like your drifting to sleep but your wake you put 
your hand in the water and you feel are Lilypads and white lotuses; with
your idel time you glide back and forth 
side by side gentily gliding the lilypad and lotuses with your long delicate hands but the trance is broken 
by a sound of a frog just leap on that pad you just had your hand on.

This does'nt have the cloying Powder Menthol scent that Eternity has. 
it's more organic which i like this better then eternity.

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