Saturday, December 11, 2010

Delicious Night by Donna Karan

Delicious Night is a fruit of sin that
grows on the vine of temptation a dark
and indolic beauty a femme fatale a bad girl definitely not a scent for the average girl next door virgin, no This spells S.E.X across the front of the
fruit shape like flacon the opening is
fruity of frozen pomelo tangy and fun then
succulent black current starts steeping
through your senses like an inner Terra
of earth brings an primal spirit in this scent.

The Innocence of freesia falls discreetly and dries the top note with
a bit of sweetness Jasmine with it's
elusive delicateness opens the middle
note gives it a green-tea like aroma
that is meditative the leafy and intoxicating note of dark orchard sprays
an scent of inhibited animalistic properties.

then delicious night turns woody with
dry ginger turns warm with amber Dark
incense and ancient myrrh adds to the
esoteric mystery of the scent which
makes it unique.

Delicious night conjures the inner sin
of us all like a room of crushed violet
wallpaper with black roses growing on thorny black vines in a black veiled
bed with candles side to side of the color of off white with Myrrh burning
in the celling dancing with an inimical
elegance and an pale woman with black
hair eyes long hair finger peaking out
out from the veil with her long jet black finger nails crawling across her
bed like an evil delight in her black leather cat suit

this scent is sin for sin's sake.

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