Sunday, December 12, 2010


Guerlain's Shalimar conjoures images of
an Luxurious Garden at Midnight on a
clear dark Sapphire sky a full moon with it's beams shines above a bush of
fragrant Jasmine the marble statues of
angels kissing and looking wistful
the ground is elegantly Displayed mosaic
of Different colored stones red roses in
Bloom. Hedy Lamarr doing her dance of the Seven Veils with clouds of Incense of Sandalwood swirling around her seven
Shades of Blue Veils of Navy to baby Blue To match her Eyes Jet Black hair and Pale skin trying to seduce the sultan in one of those old 1940's Techicolor Movies or the Immortal
Erotic power of Rudolph Valentino that
graced upon the Silver screen in the movie the Sheik when he aducts and Tries
to tame a British Aristrocat and the
scent of Musky Leather from a sadle blazing in the sun and the two run off
into the sunset.

It's Sexy in a classy way. i love the
Vanilla turns into an oudish woody reisin that is genious the drydown of
Powdery Incense and Sandalwood makes this a Masterpiece BON VIVANT!

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