Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso

Firey Sandalwood Spicy Carnation Corridor Sweet Golden Amber transport you to the Andalusian town of Spain at night walking though it's medieval streets walking past it's moorish past
with there moorish Arcetecture
lisoning to the chants of the Sephardi
Jews in the Synagogue taking in with the sounds of there Passionate melencholic feelings you witness three Beautiful Majas dancing flamingo against the Blazing heat of the flams behind them with there Olive Skin
Poker stright Jet Black Hair parted in the middle with big Beautiful black eyes The Costumes of Scarlet with Black Lace trim around there comtumes with black Tiara with a long black Veil
and then the next morning you watched the Running of the Bulls After the Show you see a very Actracttive Spainard and it look like Javier Bardem *Gasp* IT IS HIM!!! he grabs you by your waste and started slowly dacing to the sound of the gentile sounds of the Accustic Guitar And he Leans over and before he almost Kisses you you snapped back to reality.

Perfumes can make Any Imagination


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