Monday, December 20, 2010

Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli

A Long Sperpent Decending from the Third
Eye from a Byzantine Gold Statue and the Palace is Wanderlust of Gold dust
Gold Icon Gold Funiture Golden Silk Bedsheets. and a Round Mirror Above 
you head.

As the Serpent comes closer to you 
behind it it leaves it markings on the 
floor Revealing it's Long and Sinuous Line.
allover the Bedroom floor And then 
magicly Turns into a Tall Slender Woman
her looks is a cross between Ursula Andress From the James Bone movie D.R No
Nicole Kidman Or Brigette Bardot 
Is Covered in Goldust Paint and wears
a Golden G String Bikini and gently lie
back as she gently kisses you and you 
moan in ecstasy And you hear the sweet
gentile sounds of the hindu bijans 
and a scent of Sandalwood Insence coming into the palace bedroom from the Jeweled Sunset. Conjures up for me. 
a feeling Of Bacchanalia when i wear 

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