Friday, December 10, 2010

Must de Cartier by Cartier

  A more refined and more introverted sister to the extroverted Opium, if opium is the party girl 
and libertine who hunts night clubs get down and dirty on the dance floor hot and sexy 
Cartier is an Ice queen
of all orientals with it's clinical elegance of green notes and orris makes
it cooler and more reserved then opium,
She frequents high end restaurants where
her sexuality is more in hidden codes 
like a slip of a note with black ribbon
embroidered on the edge to bring him into her room at 
an luxurious hotel suite making 
love all night 
Cartier uses
a more subtle approach to seduction then
the fire of opium. 

It opens cold with aldehyde i also can 
detect cool wet green notes then dries 
warm with spicy carnation and musk makes
it almost an masculine feel to the skin
orris root adds to the earthiness of Cartier jasmine starts to steep through
the senses the velvety note of rose is 
prominent and yet elusive dries the middle part of the fragrance.

The drydown is warm and leathery like 
soft supple with civet to make it an 
animalistic exotica then dries to an 
fiery and dry sandalwood and grounded
tonka bean amber sweetens the base and dries with vanilla.

If Opium is the Fire Must de Cartier is
the Ice.   

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