Thursday, December 2, 2010

La Nuit by Paco Rabanne

The leather note is promising but it falls
short due to the green note drydown but it's not merely a disappointment as it seems it becomes more warmer with the presence of amber and spiciness of rose
the drydown is almost like an homage to the 1845 release of Creed's FLEURS DE BULGARIE with it's warm amberic rose scent
but La nuit is more of a modern edgier
and yet less abuse-of-the-power of Bandit or a cigar smoked room like decadence of habanita, La nuit has an
reserved iciness an inner calm that bandit and habanita can't compare with
almost translucent of your soul and of
the namesake La Nuit.

Every scent tells a story every note
that a perfumer puts in each bottle has
a meaning to his or her life story or an
influence to the perfumer and everyone
has their own interpratation of what
conjures in their minds,

Perhaps for me maybe this is an metaphor
of why there's a heavy greenish opening
it has to do with the dominant worldly
woman and naive school girl sheltered and experienced and the two main notes
exemplifies well like the Leather represent the dominant woman and sexuality' and the
greenish note is the school girl yearning wistfully for her.

This is perfume is about repressed desires and a repressed sexuality in a

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