Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Magical Moon Hanae Mori

At first spray you get a blast of a
scent of sugarcain and a warm scent of
coconut oil reminisent of ancient Egpyt
when they massage it into thier hair.
in a few minutes the sweet scent of guava and the semi-tangness of starfruit
to make it presence to the senses hard to notice the orange blossoms.
the drydown is the greatest esoteric
masterpiece with the offering of rose note to the to the Goddess Isis The Goddess of Love Aphroditie and the mother goddess Uma. the flower of feminity. and the veil of sandalwood
dances around giving thanks for the
creators for the fertilty.
the patchouli is very soft and mild.

with one spray Riding though the deserts of egypt and the color of the flacon of Dark Lapis represent the Twilight sky driving though the pyrimids and the big Giant sphinx glowing it's errie glow so you with in
your curiousity with a flashlight into the tombs of the ancient masters and try to deschyper the most famous of their whrighing the Hierglyphics
and into the dark caves where the mysterious & Ominious moans appear

This will give you an Spirital Awakining.

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