Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arpege By Lavin

Lanvin's Arpege is an warmer softer and
sweetish younger sister to Chanel no 5
The opening starts with an aldehyde note
but unlike Chanel's aldehydes which has an dryer more harsher drydown of citrus
and Bergamot. But in Arpege it's more
diluted and more softer to the senses'
The note of amber subdue most of the
aldehydes and an strong presence of
peach makes it sweet.

The powdery note of Irises raises above
the dominering note of amber the ellusive note of Lily of the vally and
the quietness of the elegant Calla Lily
floating though the notes
The bottom notes dries down to an dry
spicy coriander turnes to an powder
nuances of rose. after an hour or two
it turns to an fiery Sandalwood and the sweetness of vanilla the inner raisan
of benzoin and the very bottom of patchouli with it's grounded support
that comes in most perfumes.

Lanvin's Arpege with one spray conjours
images of the famous moniker Louise Brooks Lulu In Berlin i can picture
her wearing this in the movie Pandora's
Box a woman is sliped to an downward spiral into deprivaty and lust
walking though the shadowery streets of

Or picturing an first class Luxury train
compartment in 1935 elined with Sepia
toned marble tiles with gold bording
in a style of art deco smokey quartz
mirrors facing each other side by side
as your walking though an dimly lit hall
fashioned into an triangular shape with luxurious heavy drapery of different hues of brown An oriental rug fills the compartment of splender.
these are the emsemble cast of Charactors in the voyage of the damned

The sad crying clown a failed WW1 British Officer who save his men from the battle of Somme of 1916 A suicidal
Ballirina an penniless artist and his
subservent lover an Disponsed Count
and his devoted servent M.R Bhulagamskam and an faded beauty
who looks faded 30 years ago has stuck
to alcahol and her cigerettes with her gouldy wigs and her fake spiderweb lashes and bright blue eyeshadow

One of the Grand dame of perfumes
along with chanel no 5 Guerlian's l'heure bleu shalimar and Vol de Nuit.

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