Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chanel N°19 by Chanel

Chanel no 19 conjures A rainy Sunday morning with gray skies on a lush Irish
moors with the musk of pure green grass damp from a early morning rain.
With the Morning mist blown from the sea
breaks the darkness of night into the new
dawn with some instinct you begin wondering around feeling the refreshing
texture of the green grass beneath your
bare feet you start to be aware of your
senses around you you smell the sharp
bright scent of bergamot and spicy hyacinth to awake your senses.
Then you hear the most haunting tune of
church bells your entranced by the clear
and most purest bells that chime you see
the most beautiful Celtic Cross made of
white stone and beautiful purple irises
and pale pink that adorn the alter of the Virgin Mary and the vivid color of
the ancient Celtic Illuminated Book of

Chanel no 19 has a beautiful Earthiness
that is not comely sluttish or flamboyant it's a simple and pure scent
with a spiritual tone.

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