Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jade by Olivier Durbano

Green tea oakmoss cassia holly mint jasmine and i can pick up menthol intoxicates the cerebral senses into a
vision of a pagoda a top the highest
plain of heaven inside are the purest
and the most flawless Jades beautiful
golden Buddhist statues side by side
a long carpet of baltik tapistry rolls
in a long distance and suddenly startled by fearful Wrathful Faces with bulging eyes of a Bodhisattva continue
walking your smelling incense so you
turn your head and discover a ball of
incense next to you and it generates into a Dragon in the dragon claws a cloudy ball he summoms you to listion
as the dragon reveals esoteric knowledge in the cloudy ball that no mortal can decipher only a chosen few
can share his secrets. 

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