Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dana; Shades

                     My Long lost childhood is here! this brings back memories for me, With one
sniff your transported to a placid Rainforst with the opening of citruses
and sharp bergamot coinciding with green basil leads off an earthy scent,
as you walk into the forest the semi sweet scent of Green Tea and the brightness of mint carresses you, when you look into beautifully colored flacon you dive into the endless sea of
cool colors of the barrier reef and as
dive farther in to the clear ocean you see beautiful floral and ocean life
as you emerge to the surface you swim around the lily pads and watery freesia intoxicating to your senses.

Finishes with the drydown of Grounded
Orris and drywoods, Shades is the New Age of fragrances it brings you to an
new awarness to nature and for yourself 


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