Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Black Orchid

It's dark and sexy and noirish where saint
and sinner collide in one bottle. The opening starts with white gardenia with it's sweet innocent scent represent the saintly part of the fragrance dries to an
tart and succulent of black current, there
is an nuance of tangerine that is juicy
to the core dries to an velvety texture
of bergamot, and ends the top notes with
nocturnal jasmine with it's quieting aspects and ylang ylang that hangs in the dark night. 

As we go down to the middle notes we enter a room of fiery spices but it's 
not overwhelming and brings exotica to 
the senses there is an deep and diluted
note note of fruits that makes it primal, the lotus is the quietest note
in the perfume but it also makes it powdery and the orchid the star of this
fragrance is the most dark quality of
orchid you can ever get dries the middle

Dry sandalwood starts the drydown with a
esoteric fervor then warms with amber
and earthy patchouli then dark chocolate
with deletable tastes makes it sexual
ends with the mysterious note of incense.

When i wear this it conjures me of a late 1920's metropolis where a fashionable women wearing all black with
fur short cut dress and a close fitting
crochet hat walking though the shadowery
streets with streetlights reflecting her
shadow and the steam from the subway 
from the asphalt floor and she comes across a man who's dark good looks slowly pulls her in and kisses her deeply and slowly moves her stocking from her garters and rubs his hands 
over her flawless legs.

this is truly sex in a bottle.

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