Friday, September 3, 2010


An epic tale in minimalistic detail with 
clean sinuous lines reminiscent of Art
nouveau made from an Occidental point of view of an Shinto temples of the island 
of Japan and an austere elegance.

the note of Oakmoss predominates much of 
this scent drying in the sun with a gentil breeze dries to a suble orange note and with sweet peach that is not cloy to your 

next Delicate white roses blooms in a 
simplistic Garden pathway where a Geisha
with her modest aura plucks an rose and
smells it gentily when the night falls 
the scent of night jasmine roams the nocturnal sky and the nuances of Ginger
spices and cinnamon make this complete.
every fragrance tells a story or conjoures feelings or images

For me Mitsouko conjoures feeling of wistfulness and melancholia like star-crossed lovers from two different worlds
ala Sayonara with Marlon Brando a romance between an american air force 
Major and an Japanese entertainer forbidden by both sides with tragic results Madame Butterfly with an american admiral and his Japanese Paramour or an small shrine silhouetted
in the center of an island on the Rising 
sun dedicated to Amaterasu Goddess of the sun and the smoke of sandalwood incense dances to the heavens.

Mitsouko can be spiritual wistful calm
simple distant aristocratic distant and

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