Friday, September 3, 2010

Opium my Love

Y.S.L Opium has many identities A glamorous spy
for the Japanese intelligence in ww2,
A faded movie diva or a world-renowned
Opera singer with some dirty little secret
that She is really a He and his British
diplomat lover hasn't got a clue.
Opium despite it's sheer beauty hides a lot of naughty secrets, 

the opening starts with spicy coriander with it's dryness shifts to an scent semi-sweet aroma of cloves and of black pepper dries to a scent of bitter bergamot and citruses.
delicate jasmine makes a nice entrancehen the sweet dry intoxicating scent 
of cinnamon and the spicy nuances of 
carnation adds to the delectable sensibility.

The succulent notes of plum and peach 
makes it's presence know and adds a primal sexuality to the already complex scent if there's a Lily of the valley
note in here i think there's no evidence of it or it's hiding because it hasn't got a chance against the heavy notes 
it's the shyest of the opium family,
The drydown is the best part of the fragrance Coconut starts the drydown 
with it's tropical sweetness then it becomes dark and woody with tolu balsam
dry sandalwood with it's fiery aspects
makes it assertive and the deepest most 
finest Resinous woods of Frankincense
and myrrh Opoponox and benzoin.

an earthy drydown of Patchouli
Warm Amber civet for the animalistic qualities and patches of musk for a bit
of masculine undertones and a wisp of mysterious incense.

Opium conjures an image of an 1930's
Shanghai speakeasy with half circular doors Burgundy in color and inside are gold beaded curtains hanging nonchalant
from the celling the lighting is of dark red like your in a boudoir everyone is
half lidded from the smoke of opium
hallucination and laughing American Sailors leaning towards the table while
an attractive girl dances to an sad ballad of Billie Holliday while the
gangters mistresses and them do some illegal bribes.

Opium is not a Ingénue scent or a scent
for good girls this is an scent if you want to walk on the wild side.

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