Friday, September 3, 2010


Cigarette & Roses a bit of Wiskey and a 
touch of Incense Bring this into an 
Elegant Testament Which i find amusing
Picturing a smoke filled dark Cabaret;
A Male Impersonator ala Marlene Dietrich
Julie Andrews in Victor and Victoria
it's a sensuality to a Sexualy Repressed Convent School Educated girl Like 
Madchen in Uniform like Senerio then
she sings 
*Wenn ich mir was wunschen durft*.

at the end of the song she leans over
and slowly kisses the girl and this was a sexual Awaking for this Schoolgirl.

Picturing David Bowie in his 
Berlin years Eleganly Dressed with a cigerette on his hand and a pint of wiskey on the other. in the Movie just a Gigolo. The darkly Oud i can dechphier
in this perfume like the deadly Sexuality of Rudolph Valentino and Pola Negri sizzling on the screen to a bewildered Movie Goers. Japanese Silent movie Star Sessue Hayakawa Seducing
the wife of a British Admiral.

The powdery rose brings you to mind 
Opera of the Last Diva.
the Bottle is very Beautiful Greek 
Nymphs Engraved in a Opaque Bottle
very ideal for home decoration when the bottle is empty Leather makes it Dangerous.

If you can find sex in a bottle this is it. i give it a 10!

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