Saturday, September 4, 2010

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

The opening is similar to almost all of the older Guerlains it opens with a warm 
Note bergamot and the powdery dry irises'
the lemon dries the the top note with sharp accords.

the middle drydown begins to be sweeter 
with the vanilla-like sweetness of heliotrope and orchid to bring a little
exotica to add to the oriental craze that swept Europe and the U.S in the early 1900's' cloves with it's pungent 
bitter and diluted sweetness with the presence of jasmine adds with the earthiness.

Carnation with it's spicy sweet aroma 
stands it's own with the other stronger notes such as Cloves bergamot coriander
and lemon' the two elusive notes of ylang ylang and delicate rose as it's 
shy guests.

Powdery iris starts the drydown i notice amber is missing from the note card and i can smell the warmness of the scent 
dry sandalwood makes it dryish and woodish there is a nice musk factor here
subtle but noticeable and Vanilla ends the elegance with it's domineering and a bit masculine presence ends the beauty.

L'heure d'or brings you to europe before
the First world war where it was decadent with artists decussing shocking new techniques can can dancers entertained men in brothels without their wives knowing beautiful sinuous
lines of art nouveau with angels kissing 
on the murals of the most elegant hotels 
with golden stairways beautiful gold railings white lilies adorned the lobby
women with their finest elegant gown 
checks in this Perfume relfect life before the grimiest of war and the art after that took it way forever.

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