Sunday, September 5, 2010


When it was first released in 1932 it shocked and 78 years later since it's 
release it stills managed to shock it achieved immortality in a roster of classics like Chanel no 5 L'air du Temps
Joy Shalimar L'Heure Bleu & youth Dew.

If you want a perfume that makes you want 
to stand out and take control this is the one this is not a shy meek little
wallflower of a scent it's Assertive
Loud Demands your attention in a dry spicy and smoky kind a way of if your a 
person who is or likes perfumes that does not want to make a wave skip it!.

when first sprayed to my skin i find a 
lot of Patchouli in a spicy fragrance
which is a bit interesting and makes it dry and smoky but i really like is the 
Sandalwood mingles with orange and spices with the dry down of coriander
for it's powder texture and of curse i can smell Mr Civet with all his Animalistic Glory. i bet June Miller 
wore this while seducing the Authoress 
Anais Nin. 

the drydown becomes more earthier with the presence of orris patches of musk and mossy undertones of Oakmoss 

but i admire is the design with it's 
noirish deco goth Logo TABU Channels 
Bogart to it finest the flacon simple 
and elegant i love the color of the liquid it reminds me of a evening sunset 
over Los Angeles in the 1940's.

this perfume is rich & luxurious But i 
don't understand why is it so cheap on the price and made it in to a Drugstore
scent this perfume deserves to be expensive.

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