Sunday, September 12, 2010


The perfect winter perfume the top notes
first applied to my skin is an warm scent of Lavender then dries down to an
dusty note of Rosemary, sparkling and invigorating Bergamot and zesty Lemon.
i Dissagree with the placement of Basil
in this perfume when first to my skin
there was a scent of Basil right on top
with Lavender and Rosemary so Basil should be a top note the drydown turns sweet with the note of Amber with it's dry and powdery nuances of Vanilla.
and to add warmth to an cold and Winter's day is the note of exotic spices and the fiery spirit of Sandalwood. and i can also detect the scent of Frankincense& Myrrh the holiest of Raisens.

Guerlain's Jicky conjoures an image of when smelling A winter's morning pure
white snow laying untouched on the ground in the virgin forest snow covered
the fresh and leafy green pines to an unreconisizible hue of white and icicles
walking though the forrest with her Bright Scarlet Cloak and with her weaver's basket collecting pine leaves
neddles and holly for the christmas decorations tomorrow while during this
she heard a plantive and melencholic tune of a lone pan pipe so she placed she work on the ground and followed the
sound until finily she found who was playing the haunting tune it was an old wood satyr his head made of oak
his hair was made out of branches leafless eyes so dark and hollow they appeard black he has hooves for hands
and an deers body from the other end
she slowly came up to him and said
why are you playing such an sad song
it'll be christmas tomorrow the satyr just stared and did'nt answer and walked away continued playing his sad tune.

Jicky despite it's sparkling
opening it has also a cold clinical
and refindess that is rare in perfumes

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