Friday, September 2, 2011

Hiris Hermes

Hiris is a introverted elegance a well-poised muse 
never reveals herself within words nor action just
her scent of Iris, Hiris opens with it's homage the
Iris a flower a symbol of refinedness and modesty 
a scent of cool orris earth adds to the sharp coldness
of the fragrance, the coriander subtle enough not to 
cloy over the iris but noticeable in it's spicy drydown
diluted amber dries the top note, delicate and elusive
note of Rose opens the middle note softens the sharpness
of the Iris with it's velvet texture a demure beauty
Neroli turns the fragrance a bit citrusy and grounded.
The drydown consists of unsweeted honey makes an organic
and woodsy finish to this almost of a masterpiece of a 
scent next dry cedar conjours a feeling of a forest
after the midnight rain fresh and finishes with almond 
tree an nutty accord.

Hiris is a class of it's own not Loud gaudy kitschy
it doesn't take bright colorful sequins dolly heads
fake rhinestones on bottle it's a simple dark blue
bottle less is more. 


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