Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robert Piguet Bandit

Bandit is a woman who loves to take control of the opposite sex with one scent Leather! not fooled around with
leather not synthtic uncut muskiness that makes it's appeal for ages.
So what makes Bandit special? of course
we have the main ingredient leather what makes it diffent then other leather scents is the supporting florals that makes it a bit of an Feminine touch with the powdery feel of violets dries to a underpining of Spicy texture of Carnation and jasmine with it's secretive aura is a mysterious
personality that rarely exsist in today's perfumery and veltet feel of

I also admire is that green notes that consists of artemesia not listed are a bit of grass and the freshness of Aldehydes adds to the sharp and clean scent that is unique to Bandit.

The Drydown is a dark rasianish drydown of myyrah adds to the esoteric feel the warm amber with it's sweet raisenish scent blends to make it a bit sweetish
with patches of musk makes it a bit masculine The Amimalistic properties
of Civet makes it primal and untamed.

And with the mossy finish of oakmoss
and the elusive undertone of Patchouli ends with an earthy finish.

What does Bandit conjours up to me
is an Pale and Slender woman with Black
hair with Black Leather Gloves and Leopard langerie with a Leopard amimal
printed backround Ala 1950's Pinup
or in a role of the female Dominatrix boss in the corprate workforce around the meeting on a long table full of men controling every rule they do.

This is not a Girlie Girl scent not for a woman who does not want make waves or shy quiet passive personality this is
an scent that demands repect and your

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