Monday, September 6, 2010


Monday throughout the ages and throughout the world goes though this inevitable rite of passage called Monday; Monday in every nine to fiver and the scourge of every school kid who has to wake up at 6;00AM is like going to their death but Mondays is not forever or maybe it is depends on your point
of view Monday like every other week is like an cycle ala Samsara is never ending but it's what you make of it if you decided to make Mondays dull
gloomy and Vapid or make it bright effervescent and mobile it's in the human
Psyche. Mondays also influenced the arts such as 'Rainy days and Mondays
by The Carpenters; Monday Monday by The Mamas and the Papa's;
and Manic Mondays by The Bangles.
now in fragrances Everyone will have a different adaption what a monday
fragrance is' in my Opinion i like to start off the week with light scents
Giordani White Gold by Oriflame

With a light and a simple scent to start your Monday off and with light color palettes of Silver, White and Grey because Monday is also the day of the Moon this is how we got it's name The Moon.
I hope this blog will be an Enlightening experience for our B.N Readers.

I Close this now with Have a Good Monday.

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